Using the latest technology, we are able to provide clear diagnoses and jointly develop the ideal treatment strategy to the patient. Our computerized diagnostic methods are also used to control during treatment.
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Imaging techniques are used in combination with a modern computer system to provide the dentist and our patients with direct control of the entire oral cavity area and its subsequent treatment.
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3D X-Ray Technology

3D X-ray technology is a major step in the field diagnosis and surgical planning. The new 3D technology detects nearly everything that could be diagnosed. The advanced digital volume tomogram (DTV) enables a three-dimensional view of the area on a computer screen. This ensures that sensitive anatomical structures are well protected. Implantology technology is used routinely to protect nerves and vessels. If implants are performed using a splint without a flap procedure, prior DVT is mandatory.

We work with specialised radiologists in case of complex issues.
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Digital X-Ray

Digital radiography is a modern method that offers some advantages over conventional X-rays.

The images are generally of better quality the ordinary photographs. Because the images can be edited directly on a computer, it’s possible to alter overexposed or underexposed images. For patients, digital X-ray also means that they can see their image immediately and can benefit from the dentist’s explanation.


Digital X-rays offer drastically reduced radiation exposure compared to traditional dental X-ray systems.
It’s possible to obtain digital post-processing of digital radiographs.
The complete elimination of chemicals for developing and correcting images also protects the environment.
Additionally, digital X-rays are able to easily produce high-equivalent X-ray copies which can be transmitted for dental referrals and to other specialists.
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Surgical Microscope

The surgical microscope is an important technical device used in many dental treatments.

Especially in procedures in which the tooth must be treated for delicate conditions, the surgical microscope is a big advantage since structures can be detected that are not normally visible to the naked eye. The most important application of the operating microscope in dentistry is in endodontics (root canal).